New in store – SeedCell. Its packaging you plant!

Seedcell offers a fun, clever, and waste free way to plant seeds. Simply snap the cells out and push them into some dirt, no need for tools. The pointed triangle cells acts as a seed delivery system designed to have both functional and environmental benefits. The natural pulp will absorb any ground moisture and help […]

New range of Fiberstone containers in stock

We now have in stock a wonderful range of ‘Fiberstone’ containers with a high gloss finish that are light weight and the perfect adornment for a modern contemporary coffee table or kitchen counter they have to be seen to fully appreciated. The ‘Tara’ bowl as shown in vibrant red and planted with Rhipsalis simply lifts […]

Flying Pigs!

In the Leaf it at home store from October there will a range of classic and contemporary decorations, some of them are a little bit different to what you might find elsewhere including these decorative pigs!

New synthetic fruit displays in stock

In store we now have the replica Apples, Pears and Cherries in stock, they work well on a kitchen side or shelf. They all come in a range of colours including white, silver and gold. There are larger sizes available.

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